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Press play and remember


Your wedding film is the closest thing you have to a time machine

With a click of a play button, you’ll be transported back to your event. Photos recall only part of the story, a still with no movement, no sound. Your film will make you feel like you’re there again. You’ll remember moments you forgot, and those you did not even know were happening. Video is the perfect way to share this historical day with family, friends and future generations.

Photo by Andy Cox Photography

Your film will be a work of art, not another boring video.

The Art

There is something to be said about truly understanding how to film, not just how to press record on the camera. It’s about being able to artistically compose a shot, knowing how many seconds you need to relay that moment in the story, and understanding how the conditions you film in will affect the look of the final footage.

As a film-geek I obsess over solid, artistic camera work. I pour over the latest advancements in technology and acquire professional equipment that I know will provide refreshing variety to my videos

The Details

I know hours and hours…and hours went into each and every decision you made. Every one of them created an event that is uniquely you. Attentive, artistic documentation from Gracenote Films will ensure that those countless hours you spent planning everything won’t get lost.

From the invitations, to the color of the linens, to your flower selections and your perfect dress. My team and I are there filming, making sure that after the last piece of cake has been eaten and the final table cloth has been folded, you will have something wonderful to watch and remember it by.

The People

Real life tells amazing stories and I am listening attentively to them. Over fifteen years as a professional filmmaker, and three decades as an accomplished musician, has taught me how to hear the rhythms of life and capture each moment faithfully and artistically.

Real people are not actors, so why should anyone make you into one on the day of your event? I will never direct you on your big day — I am a facilitator of what comes naturally to you. I quietly and unobtrusively let you, and your guests, be yourselves and have fun.

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