After the the rings have been exchanged, the first dance is over and the cake’s been eaten, I make sure my couples have a piece of their wedding they can watch and share for years to come


Gracenote Films is a small, artisan-style videography company in Fairfield CT.

Wedding Videography Fairfield CT

A craftsman at heart

There is something to be said about really, truly understanding how to film, not just how to press record on the camera. It’s about being able to artistically compose a shot, knowing how much footage you need to tell the story, and understanding how disparate lighting will affect the look of the final footage.

Years behind the camera

I have a long history of loving the art of making movies, starting the moment my father handed me his GAF Super8 sound movie camera in 1978. From an early age I immersed myself in filmmaking learning how solid composition and careful filming can make a huge difference in a final wedding film.

I let reality be the guide

Real life tells a great story and I am listening attentively to it. For me it is unnatural to assume that I could simply direct the people in front of my camera and have the final video resemble what actually took place. I am more interested in accurately capturing my couples’ day than in creating a portfolio piece.

Wide range of experience

I have worked with many different people, personalities, locations, times of day, weather, and lighting. A deep level of understanding and respect for these differences, along with tried-and-true film techniques and knowledge of how to navigate challenging situations ensure every shot that is needed is in your final film.

Details define the day

Your heart and soul went into each and every choice you made for your wedding. Attentive, artistic documentation ensures the countless hours spent planning everything from the color of the linens to choosing the most perfect combination of seasonal flowers won’t get lost once the last table cloth has been folded and the last orchid has wilted.

Listening makes a difference

Listening to my couples ensures the film truly reflects them, which is why I strive not just to capture the day, but to incorporate the themes, colors, atmosphere of the day. You will see it in your final film, and in the beautiful packaging your video is delivered in. My approach is sensitive and sensible because couples ask me to be unobtrusive, yet to cover their day thoroughly. 

For Gracenote Films, videography is not a side job, it is a way of life. The variety of footage we strive to incorporate in our videos is what makes our videos special. While others easily fall into the habit of filming using a single approach, Gracenote Films calls upon multiple filming methods. We keep it interesting and creative, and we know how to do it right. That is our specialty.


Owner Todd insists on making sure he has a hand in the editing of every video that is delivered to our clients. He is a story-teller and makes sure we are all about the personal touch.

Our videos are proof of that, as are the reviews from our clients. You must have a video that is worth every penny you spent and every moment you spend watching it.

We’re looking forward to working with you! Call or Text (203) 520-9260