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What story will your wedding film tell?

I offer custom video coverage, not pre-configured packages

No two weddings are exactly alike. Couples need flexibility, and I offer that. Working closely with you allows me to tailor my services to fit your vision and your budget. From bridal preparations to last dance, the coverage is up to you. And if you want something in between or something very different, I can do that for you too.

A future heirloom

Years of experience have taught me how to prepare for your wedding day, so I can provide you with a true heirloom for the future. You ask me to capture and preserve the uniqueness that makes you who you are. My job is to be faithful to that wish – and provide a keepsake you will want to share forever.

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The features you want are up to you

2 tickets please for a 45-60 minute wedding film

For couples and family who enjoy a big bowl of popcorn with a movie. If you look forward to watching a 45-60 minute wedding film where every moment of your day is shown in its entirety. Relive the things you knew were happening as well as the in-between moments you didn’t.

15 (to 30) minutes of fame

More than a highlight, less than a feature length film. This more detailed account of your wedding day is delivered as a streamlined 15-30 minute synopsis of all the major events of our day.

Readily sharable 3-5 minute highlight

A one song 3-5 minute recap is the perfect way for you to remember your day. A nowadays must-have.

Standard digital delivery

Manage your film from anywhere. You can watch, share, download and save your wedding film in full resolution with full menu interactivity. Just like a disc but online!

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