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A small film studio with an artisan approach.

Todd Gukelberger, owner of Gracenote Films

My name is Todd Gukelberger and my mission as a videographer is to help people save memories through film.

As a videographer, I love movies, video cameras, film technology, well-composed footage, and working with people who love to watch videos as much as I do. You are here because you are one of them.

Gracenote Films has been the creative outlet for my professional filmmaking for over a decade. As a proud film-geek I obsess over artistic camera work, solid audio, unique camera angles, and the latest film technology. I am a videographer with an unshakable reputation (of which I am proud) for always having a video camera, or recording device if any means, in my hand.


In 1978 my Dad handed me his GAF Super8 sound movie camera and I was hooked. I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about filming. From solid scene composition and in-camera filming techniques to film developing and hand-splicing, I made sure I knew it.

As an adult my work in television provided me opportunities to learn and grow. Since videography is continuously evolving, my enthusiasm for these changes remains unwavering. Adapting to these changes, without losing my fundamental knowledge, has helped me become the videographer I am.


A successful videographer is experienced in many different situations. At your event there will be people bustling around with a job to do. Some will be easy-going, others not. But no matter what, a successful videographer needs to be able to patiently get along with everyone. And what about environment?  Know that I have filmed in many different locations, during different times of day, in various weather, and under distinct lighting situations.

It’s my deep level of understanding and respect for these variations, along with tried-and-true film techniques and knowledge of how to navigate challenging situations ensure you success.


Constantly drawing and painting as I grew up, I imagined myself becoming an artist. This creative facet of my early life found its foothold in film. It is a reward for me, as a professional videographer, to have the opportunity to love what I do.

Love of my craft is what motivates me. As an artist I see balance in a well-composed shot of a dancing couple. I include variety in the footage I shoot to keep things interesting. I find significance in the details that are a part of your day. I know how much time you put into making those choices. These are the things that will make your film yours and I make sure that it is all there.

Memories do last forever.

Imagine discovering film footage of your parent’s wedding from 40 years ago. A document of the day you had no idea it even existed. I know first hand how much a memory like this means. My mother passed away from a brain tumor a little over a decade ago. She was only 53.

Had it not been for this film, those precious moments would have been gone forever. But they are here, and I can share this with my own children, who never had a chance to meet her. That is why I do what I do.

Life carries a natural beat

I am a drummer, and I keep the beat. As a musician, 30 years of experience performing has provided me with a unique set of skills that benefit you when I film your event. It’s important you hire someone who

  • understands the importance of being ready-to-go when the action starts
  • is able to anticipate what is going to happen, before it happens
  • embraces collaboration with others to ensure successful documentation of your event
  • provides variety of filmed footage to keeps it interesting and creative
  • translates the rhythms of your day into a thoughtful, well-paced final video
Photo by John Kritzman
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